logoIt was in February 2013, far away in Winnipeg, Canada, in a wintering morning, while I was praying and wondering why the Lord would push us into rushing on film locations to make movies. At the time, all Mount Zion brothers and sisters, the entire seven families within the ministry had become independent movie producers in the ministry, with two of the brothers already into directing.

2013 was the year we were into numerous movie production locations, in Nigeria and outside of the country. We had some simultaneous movie locations and by the end of that year, we had gone into more than 20 movie locations.

So, that cold morning, during the movie location of “FINEST WINE” in the freezing -25 degree winter, and as I wondered on the strange wisdom in just going on movie locations to make movies which did not have much time and means to circulate extensively all over Nigeria. I was already getting discouraged in my spirit and was thinking of slowing down on this mad rush. I was thinking of getting back home and gathering my brethren in Mount Zion and telling them to slow down. I was on my knees in prayers with turbulent heart when I heard the Lord spoke: “You have not actually really began making real movies. Mount Zion will start making real movies when your movies hit 100. When you hit 100 movies, then, you will begin to make real movies.”

The massage was strange to me and at the same time, it was a great relief to me to, at least, hear words from the Lord that we were on course; that our mad rush on film location had a divine purpose; that it was a heavenly mandate, even though, on many occasions we have been going on film locations by strong faith. On many occasions, we had gone on locations with very little in our pockets. The Lord has always been using the children of God in drama ministry for us a lot. May the Lord bless them all.

Since, the moment I heard the Lord’s voice, I published His mandate on Facebook and in the Power Night Newsletter. It was a great encouragement to me, to hear God saying we have not begun making movies until we clock 100 movies. The Lord said this, when I was thinking we had made much. He said there was much more lands to cover. Since then, we have been excited in ministry, though, with a lot of financial stress most of the time. We have been looking forward to what the Lord would do when we have released 100th movie.

This AUGUST 2014, Eight movies were released to hit the 100 movies mark and the 100th movie was voted to be Israel Bamidele’s “HIS STANDARD”. Israel Bamidele, the son of Mathew Bamidele wrote the movie and played the lead role. Other movies that were released during the month of August along with it were: Damilola Mike-Bamiloye’s “Caught in the Wind” and Gloria Bamiloye’s “Strangers” and “Ajoji Emi”; Isaac Femi Akintude’s “His Heritage”, Yemi Adepoju’s “Silent Killer”, Seun Abraham’s “Lost Hope”, and Moses Adebayo’s “Never Again”, What actually qualified Israel Bamidele’s movie to be the chosen one among the last four was not in the order of release but in the appropriateness of title.

Beyond the 100 Movie Mark, we have another six movies, already shot and edited waiting to be released in December, and before then, four or five movie locations are lining up among the Mount Zion movie producers, among these is the land mark production: “RUPANTAR” A major Hindi language movie and shot entirely in New Delhi, acted by Christian Indians. The editing has just been concluded and the Indian editing supervisor, who had stayed with us and worked with our editors for almost two weeks, is going back to India today with the Principal Master of probably the first Evangelical Hindi movie in the North India. Indeed, according to the Word of the Lord, we have just began to make real movies.

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